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Welcome to my blog page.

Fourteen months ago two firsts occurred. I took up photography using 35mm Olympus cameras and I built my first website.

Quickly my tastes in both photography and websites changed and I now shoot using Yashica TLR cameras and I have built a new website to showcase my work in medium format.

The below photo is another first, my first time using Ilford FP4.


yashica 635 tlr ilford fp5 120 medium format sculpture classic outdoor bull summer southill park crowthorne berkshire
Sculpture, Southill Park, Crowthorne, Berkshire. Yashica 635 & Ilford FP4

One of the things I love about the TLRs and medium format is the clarity of the photos when viewed large. It completely blows 35mm away, and shows why the Yashica TLRs are very much underated, tending to be overlooked in favour of more expensive Rollei’s or Mamiyas.

The Ilford FP4 has fine clarity and I like the contrasty look of the film.

yashica 635 tlr ilford fp5 120 medium format portrait classic outdoor woman summer southill park crowthorne berskhire
Southill Park, Crowthorne. Yashica 635 & Ilford FP4.

Portraits are not my strong point, however I do love photos of people. I often try street photography with my TLRs, but I like playing with informal posed shots as well.

The above photo was taken at Southill Park in Berkshire, with the old manor house in the background. I even managed a bit of bokeh, however I like some background detail in a photo. I think I got the balance right, with the model ‘popping’ slightly from the background, but enough detail remaining to keep the photo interesting.

Once again the FP4 has performed well, capturing plenty of detail in the models shaded face.

yashica 635 tlr ilford fp5 120 medium format portrait classic outdoor woman summer
Yashica 635 & Ilford FP4

This shot was taken in bright, direct sunlight, not the best light for a portrait shot. Once again the subjects face is in shadow, as is the interior detail of the arch behind her.

I decided to slightly over expose the areas in the sunlight in order to capture more shadow detail and I think it worked well. The shot has captured plenty of detail on the models face and under the arch behind her, whilst the highlights have remained intact. Once again, the FP4 has handled the shadow and highlights well.

My Yashica 635 cost me £36 from eBay and it never fails to aamze me how well these old cameras perform. Based on these shots from last year, I ordered a 15 pack of FP4 and will be shooting as much of it as I can this year before the summer light goes.

I am not a prolific blogger, I only post when I have something worthwhile to say, normally once or twice a month, so please subcribe at the bottom of the page and you will be notified when I post something new.

Thanks for reading.

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