About Us

Early winters morning, Venice. Yashica 635 TLR & Ilford HP5.


I like things that are quirky. Different. A bit out of the ordinary. Which is probably why I like Yashica TLR cameras.

I took up photography in early 2017, and after buying my first TLR became hooked on these strange, old fashioned cameras.

They look different, are certainly different to use, however combined with medium format film they take the most amazing, detailed photos that look great blown up large.

I also prefer the square images, they just seem to work better for me.

Would I like a Rolleiflex? No, they cost way too much and the Yashicas take a photo that is just as good.

I shoot mostly on black and white stock and develop my own film at home.

I shoot Ilford film, FP4, HP5 and Ilford Delta 3200, but I do like to experiment with other films every now and then.

I also shoot 35mm, but this site is just for the 120.

I add to the blog only when I have something worthwhile to post, so please subscibe at the bottom of the home page for updates when I do post.

Enjoy the site.